Think about your typical day. You get up in the morning and drive to work. You sit at your desk most of the day with the very occasional interruption. Even if you do have a meeting to go to or go eat lunch, you sit there as well!

Then you get back in your car and fight traffic to get home. You sit at the table (or on the couch in front of the tv) for dinner and finish off your day sinking into the couch letting the TV help you forget your day.

Sound familiar at all?

Now it might not be exactly like that but I guarantee you sit more than you think.

With the evolution of our modern workdays, our society has become more and more sedentary.

And our health has declined because of it.

In the past, we have laborious jobs or were moving through the day. Not anymore.

It has been said sitting is the new smoking. And just as damaging to our health.

Now I can’t say for sure if it is that bad but it has become a major issue for most people.

That is why getting 30 minutes of daily activity or movement is so vital.

And it doesn’t have to be anything crazy.

Think about this. If you work in an office, what if you just set a timer to go off every hour. Once it goes off, you walk around the office for five minutes getting funny looks from your boss.. That’s it. Just get up out of your chair and walk or even stretch.

If you did that six times per day, you have your 30 minutes right there. And guess what? You would also be more productive!

Taking mini breaks throughout your day has been shown to increase productivity, mental stimulation and overall focus.

So today when you are staring at your computer screen all day, try to make a point of taking more breaks and getting in some movement.

Get moving.





Protein plays numerous roles in the body. Without protein in your diet, you would not be able to live or function. It is an essential, cannot survive without it, nutrient. Lucky for us protein is very abundant in nature, even in plants.

Protein is used for:
1.Building and repairing tissues in the body like muscle and other cells.

2.The structure for red blood cells.

3.The proper functioning of antibodies to resist infection.

4.The regulation of enzymes and hormones.

When most think of protein, they think of muscles, when most think of muscle they think of Alan ……..ok maybe not. Building muscles is an important function of protein, but like you saw above, protein serves other critical purposes in our diet especially when you think about weight loss.

Protein also:
1.Stabilizes your blood sugar which is very important in fat loss.

2.Builds more lean muscle mass (more muscle elevates resting metabolism and allow you to burn more calories throughout the day)

3.Keeps you full and wards off hunger (think less desire for junk or snack foods)

4.Burns more calories (it takes more calories to digest a gram of protein than it does to digest a gram of fat or carbohydrate).

Tip – Quality Matters

Use unproccessed high quality sources. Meats that come in packets ect, (can be) filled with preservatives and other things that research shows can be bad for your health.





I have a friend that drinks up to 6 cokes a day. He decided he wanted to get in shape and asked my advice on nutrition and how to go about losing some weight. ” I heard intermittent fasting is great for weight loss, or carb cycling maybe? Can you teach me how to do it right??” ……………No! I replied.😠

Of course I actually agreed to help him as long as he didnt ask any more questions about dieting and reduced the amount of cokes he drank each day. I explained to him that I could give him all the information on dieting and healthy living that he could possibly digest, but it wouldnt have nearly as much impact as simply reducing his coke intake.

“You know that drinking all those cokes isn’t the healthiest of options, so start there”

If you want to improve your diet and health goals, stop looking at the next new thing or fad diet, instead start with what you know and work on DISPLACING them. We all know too much coke, sugary foods or processed foods isn’t good for us and can stall weight loss. Starting With These Points First Can Give You A Stepping Stone to Change. .